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VERNADSKIY Vladimir Ivanovich (12.III.1863 - 06.0I.1945)

VERNADSKIY Vladimir Ivanovich

Great naturalist and thinker, chemist, mineralogist, geochemist, crystallographer. He created doctrine of biosphere of the Earth and its inevitable transformation into noosphere under an effect of collective intellect and human activity. Academician of the RAS (1912), USSR AS. An author of transaction on the history of scientific knowledge. The founder of Radium Institute and it's Director in 1922-1939 (in 1922-1926 in a period, when V.I. Vernadskiy was in foreign business trip, responsibility of Radium Institute's Director was charged to academician A.E. Fersman). He was a member of series Academies of Sciences and scientific societies, the State Prize laureate (1943). In 1963 the USSR AS instituted the Golden Medal named after V.I. Vernadskiy.

KHLOPIN Vitaliy Grigorievich (26.I.1890 - 10.VII.1950)

KHLOPIN Vitaliy Grigorievich

Creator of the school of soviet radiochemists. Academician (1939 - the USSR AS). He initiated the development of radium industry in our country and in 1921 reached with his own hand the first commercial preparation of radium from domestic basic material by his own technology. In 1922 he founded Radium institute together with V.I. Vernadskiy and was Deputy Director to it; since 1939 - Director. He created radium and helium industries in the USSR, headed the works to create the first radiochemical technology of plutonium recovery from irradiated uranium. He was the Substitute Academician-secretary of the USSR AS Chemical Science Section (1941 1945). Chief Editor of "Progress in Chemistry" journal (1942-1950). The Hero of Socialist Labor (1949), USSR State Prize laureate (1943, 1946, 1949). Awarded with Lenin's Order (1945, 1947, 1949), special awards from the Government. In 1950 the USSR CM instituted the award named after V.G. Khlopin.

NIKITIN Boris Alexsandrovich (01.V.1906 - 20.VIII.1952)

NIKITIN Boris Alexsandrovich

Radio chemist, V.G. Khlopin's disciple. The founder of soviet school of chemists-experts in extraction. Corresponding Member of the USSR AS (1943); at RI: 1923-1952; including 1938-1940 - Head of chemical department, 1940-1946 - Deputy Director, 1946-1950 - one of basic leaders of works to create commercial plutonium production (I.V. Kourchatov's assistant in chemistry), 1950-1952 - RI Director and Chief of laboratory. Laureate of State Prizes (1943, 1949) and nominated prize from the USSR CM (1950). Awarded with Lenin's Order (1949) and Labor Red Banner Order (1945, 1947), special awards from the Government.

VDOVENKO Victor Mikhailovich (18.0I.1907 - 14.II.1978)

VDOVENKO Victor Mikhailovich

Radio chemist, leader of works aimed at creation of scientific basis for extraction technology. Great specialist in the chemistry of trans uranium elements. Corresponding Member of the USSR AS (1958). LSU: 1935-1953 - assistant professor, professor. RI: 1946 - 1972, since 1953 - it's director and chief of laboratory at the same time. He designed, introduced, and mastered the first commercial plutonium fabrication technology. Awarded with nominated prize from the USSR CM (1950), V.G. Khlopin's Award (1971). Awarded with Lenin's Order (1949, 1954), October Revolution Order (1971), Labor Red Banner Order (1954, 1962, 1967), "Mark of Honor" (1944, 1951).

GRINBERG Alexsandr Abramovich (02.0V.1898 - 16.VII.1966)

GRINBERG Alexsandr Abramovich

Chemist (inorganic), the greatest specialist in complex compound chemistry. Academician of the USSR AS (1958, cor.memb. - 1943), RSFSR Science and Engineering Honored Worker (1958). LTI: 1936-1966 - Head of analytical chemistry sub-faculty, then - general chemistry, and inorganic chemistry. RI: 1943-1948 - Head of chemical department, 1948-1966 - Chief of laboratory. Participated in the works on creation of commercial technology for plutonium fabricating. Laureate of the USSR State Prize (1946), USSR CM Nominated Prize (1950), A.M. Boutlerov's Award (1925), and L.V. Pisarzhevskiy's Award (1941). Orders of: Lenin (1953), Labor Red Banner (1945), Red Star (1947). "Mark of Honor" (1962).

LOUKIRSKIY Piotr Ivanovich (13.XII.1894 - 16.XI.1954)

LOUKIRSKIY Piotr Ivanovich

Physicist-experimentalist. General works are devoted to physical electronics, X-ray physics, nuclear physics. Academician of the USSR AS (1946). LSU: 1916-1938, since 1928 - professor, Head of sub-faculty. LPTI: 1918-1954. Len. Poly-tech. In-t 1945-1954 - professor, Head of sub-faculty. RI: 1943-1954 - Head of physical department and at the same time - Chief of nuclear reaction laboratory. Created the school of Soviet physicists-experimentalists. (A.I. Alikhanov, L.A. Artsimovich, V.E. Lashkarev, S.V. Starodoubtsev, etc.) Orders of: Lenin, Labor Red Banner (2).

NICKOLSKIY Boris Petrovich (14.X.1900 - 04.0I.1990)

NICKOLSKIY Boris Petrovich

Physicist-and-chemist and radio chemist. Academician of the USSR AS (1968). LSU: 1925-1990, since 1939 - professor, Head of sub-faculty, 1961-1963 - decane of chemical sub-faculty. RI: 1946-1990, since 1949 - Chief of laboratory, 1953-1973 - Head of chemical department. In 1940-1949 - academic secretary of Leningrad branch of D.M. Mendeleev AChS. Since 1946 he was one of the head of works on creation and mastering of commercial technology for plutonium fabricating. In 1952-1974 - scientific head of the first plutonium-fabricating plant. 1954-1974 - Chairman of Academic Council of Mayak Chemical Combine. A member of the USSR CM Committee for Lenin and State Awards (1966-1970), a member of Supreme Certification Commission (1970-1976).
Hero of Socialist Labor (1970), Laureate of Lenin's (1961) State Awards (1949, 1973), V.G. Khlopin's Award (1980). RSFSR Honored Worker of Science and Engineering (1961). Orders of: Lenin (1949, 1970, 1980), October Revolution (1975); special awards from the Government.

GAMOV Georgiy Antonovich (04.III.1904 - 20.VIII.1968)

Gamov Georgiy Antonovich

Physicist-theorist. Cor. memb. of the USSR AS (1932-1938). In 1922-1925 - student of LSU physical faculty, then - graduate student. In 1928-1931 he was sent on Education Committee's mission to Germany, and then - to England and Dania, where he had a chance of working under N. Bohr and E. Rutherford. RI: 1931-1934 - research assistant; at the same time - assistant professor at LSU and research assistant at research physical institute under LSU. The works related to the theory of atomic nucleus structure and radioactivity. In the end of 1934 he left from the USSR to the USA. He was a professor of G. Washington University, and since 1956 - professor of Colorado State University. He was a Member of the USA National AS (1953).

GELEPOV Boris Sergeevich (12.XII.1910 - 22.IV. 1998)

GELEPOV Boris Sergeevich

Physicist, one of the greatest experts in the field of nuclear spectroscopy. Corresponding member of the USSR AS (1953). USSR AS Physical and Technical Institute: 1931-1943. LSU: 1935-1941, then since 1944 - Head of nuclear spectroscopy sub-faculty. RI: 1945 - 1998, since 1954 - Chief of laboratory, since 1986 - Chief scientific associate. One of initiators of Annual All-Union Meetings on nuclear spectroscopy and for many years - a chairman of their Administrative Committee (1953- 1994, since 1994 - honorary chairman). Organizer and Manager of All-Union (later - international) schools for nuclear physics, All-Union seminars for measurement precision in spectroscopy. семинаров по точности измерений в ядерной спектроскопии. The State Prize laureate (1954). Awarded with Labor Red Banner Order (1975, 1980), and "Mark of Honor" (1953).

STARIK Joseph Euseevich (23.III.1902 - 27.III.1964)

Starik Joseph Euseevich

Geochemist, radiochemist. Disciple of V.I. Vernadskiy and V.G. Khlopin. Cor. Memb. Of the USSR AS (1946). Honored Worker of Science and Engineering (1962). RI: 1924 - 1964; 1946-1963 - Dep. Director for science and Head of department for geochemistry. Head of sub-faculty of radiochemistry at LSU (1949 - 1955). Since the end of 1947 to 1950 - a member of STC of the USSR CM PGU. The State Prize laureate (1949, 1951, 1953). Awarded with Lenin's Order (1949, 1951, 1953), Labor Red Banner Order (1945, 1947, 1962), "Mark of Honor" Order, special awards from the Government.
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